Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Postcards from Italia

I am most definitely a "live in the moment" person. This is demonstrated no better than in the postcards that I sent Andy during my 2007 tour of Italy, which I recently stumbled upon. I don't know if they're weird or charming. Either way, I guarantee that I was feeling every single exaggerated line that I wrote in these cards. Please enjoy at my expense!

Ciao, Zuccherino (sugar pie)!

As you know from my e-mails, I <3 VENICE! What an amazing, magical place. With each turn, I see a different version of the scene on the front of this postcard - only with people's bras and underpants hanging outside of the window to dry. I am adding Venice to our "Travel To Do!"

Tons of Amore,


Ciao, Dolce Come il Miele (honey bunch)!

I have a girl crush and her name is "Florence." Oh, Love, I love Florence almost as much as I love you! We must come here. The Duomo took my breathe away and a statue in Palazzo San Vecchio moved me to tears. They city is so colorful and full of life - the old and new co-exist perfectly.

Miss and Love you,


Ciao, Amore!

This is my favorite stop so far. The water is so gorgeous and they sell Moretti in vending machines. We rented an umbrella and chairs for 20E and have been planted here all afternoon. We did a tret-ning (Note: Chicago-speak for "threatening") hike through two towns this morning. I can't wait to try some seafood and pesto for dinner - if Piehole ever gets me off of this beach chair!

Ciao, Love!

Hs & Ks,


Ciao, Dolce Come Il Miele (Honey Bunch. Again? Did Rick Steves have limited love phrases in his phrase book?)!

So, do I love Rome? Put it this way...I am rescinding (mispelled, of course) my girl crush on Florence. She is nothing more than a notch on my mental bed post. From now on, when I see Wrigley Field from the el, I'm going to be all, "PISH, PISH, Wrigley Field! You may be IN RUINS, but are A RUIN? I don't think so." I am so over new construction. Old is where it's at!



P.S. I think that I am a Lutheran. Catholics are historically too violent. 

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Terese said...

tina, these are hilarious. i'm sure they have you excited to explore france!