Friday, August 19, 2011

{Paper} Customized Gift Bags

As you know, I am v popular with the Under 2 set these days. I've been trying to uphold my status as a Favorite Mom Friend and encourage a discerning party eye in them by using my Silhouette SD to design custom gift bags to match their party themes.

Genevieve received a caterpillar bag made from some project remnants and a shopping bag that I had laying around the house.

For Lucas' car themed party, I used the patterned paper that we designed for the flags to create some bag decorations, which Andy deemed "not very masculine."

Lucas can pretty much count on me cashing in my 401K for his college fund as a result of his reaction to my flag envelope.

Photo blogged with permission from Lucas' mom

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charm said...

Looking pretty creative! I love the birthday customized bags, they all look really creative. You've done it so well, I admire that! And your little boy looks really cute.