Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Spring Detox} Cheap Bedroom Art

After dropping a few hundo on frames at west elm, I couldn't afford any "real" art to fill them. Hopefully, I'll be filling them up with photos and street art from gay Paris. Until then, I've improvised some "art" for our "headboard" by photocopying the pillow covers from my Jonathan Adler Bargello Waves pillows.

The small frames are filled with plain text paper from Paper Source. I might switch those up with some fancier paper. Or not.

Around the rest of the room...

I have a framed print that I purchased from a guy in Venice, Italy.

 I had the chalk drawing we received as a wedding present framed in the same frame and size as the Italy pix.


And to fill in the rest of the blanks, I hung some framed some etsy art, wedding photos, and wedding mementos.

I am disappointed in the quality of the photos in this week's posts. I used my new DSLR camera, but the  pictures don't really look DSLR-worthy. :( I can't believe how long it's taking me to get the swing of manual photography. I know it will just "click" one day, but I'm getting antsy for my "A ha!" moment.

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