Monday, June 20, 2011

Last-Minute Father's Day Packaging

I think that Father's Day is a million times easier to shop for than Mother's Day:
  1. Card? Check!
  2. Lottery Ticket? (Ooops. Forgot this one.)
  3. Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card? Check!
  4. Meat? Check!
I only had a few minutes to wrap my dad's gift yesterday morning. I did a quick scan of my desk for ideas and noticed the black-and-white rubber band ball. Done!

I am pretty sure that my dad has NEVER noticed packaging. He picked up his gift yesterday and said to my sister, jokingly, I think, "Look at this, Bay-e. Your sister couldn't even wrap my present! She cut up a paper bag and put rubberbands on it." As he said this, my mother walked out and said, "Did you notice the packaging? Isn't that clever?" 

I made more paint chip confetti to fill his box.

1 comment:

Calli said...

I think your dad liked the packaging for the fact that he did notice it. :) Its quite cute and creative indeed.

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