Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Spring Detox} New "Headboard"

When Andy and I upgraded to a king-sized bed, I had to sacrifice the headboard that matches my bedroom set. Once again, I am back to melding my modern tastes with my early American furnishings.

I have my heart set on the Hoffman Bed from Room & Board:

Unfortunately, in the Food/Paris vs. $1499 Bed argument, Food/Paris win every time. BUT, I couldn't live with my blank slate any longer. I felt disjointed and sad to be living like a student at age 36.

I assembled some silver gallery frames from west elm into a makeshift headboard.

Not mind-blowing, I know, but I can't believe the difference that it makes.


Even Andy agrees, which is a total win since his idea of an inspiration board is this:

I also added a cheap-cheap-cheap tailored bed skirt from Target to hide all of the bins, crap, and dust bunnies stored under the bed.

Our building's had a few break-ins, so we started sleeping with a bat under the bed, as you can see.

Up Next: Cheap Bedroom Art


Christina said...

It looks great! Did you cut the Jonathan Adler pillow case for the frames?!

Linda said...

Hubby keeps begging for a tv in the bedroom. I love what you've done with headboard. I'm undecided since we upgraded our bed. I might wait longer since we might move in the fall.

Terese said...

love that jonathan adler pattern. your "headboard" really looks great!

there have been no break-ins in my building, but i still sleep with a golf club. because i'm paranoid like that.