Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Spring Detox} Our Granny Chic*** Bedroom

This post doesn't really have anything to do with my Spring Detox series, but I wanted to mention my bedroom suite to set up the posts that I have planned for later this week.


When I graduated from college and was penniless and furniture-less, I inherited a very, very, very old bedroom set from my great aunt.

While I'm very lucky and grateful, I sometimes struggle with it, as it's not my normal style (whatever that may be at any given moment). Over the years, I've paired it with a various linens:

Simple yellow linens in my first apartment:
I can't believe that I *ever* had a teddy bear on my bed.
I think that my little sister gave it to me when I was in the hospital.
It's the only remotely feasible guess I have.

Modern Calvin Klein linens in my second and third apartments:
This apartment was infested with thousand leggers, which I am terrified of. I actually took down my closet doors and installed these curtains so that my bed would not touch any walls and, hopefully, not be conduit for thousand leggers to crawl on me in my sleep. Guess what? Thousand leggers crawl on curtains.

Homey modern paisleys from Crate&Barrel when I moved in with Andy.
{I have no pictures of this, as I've mentally blocked living there.}

When we moved into our current place, we wanted a modern, clean, and airy bedroom in which to spread out and recover from living in a glorified box for two years. But how do you achieve that look with an OLD, OLD, OLD bedroom set?

I fell hard for the bargello waves pillows by Jonathan Adler.


Crochet AND mod? Yes, please! They cost me a small fortune, but were worth every penny. Tossed on simple beige linens, they really helped me bridge the gap between the centuries.

BTW, last Saturday would have my great aunt's 100th birthday. This is a picture of her and my dad back in the day.

I wonder if he is smiling so big because she told him she'd give his future daughter a bedroom set one day?

***"Granny Chic" as seen on Making It Lovely.

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