Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's

Was anyone else totally amazed by the cuteness of the "Simply Vera" line for Kohl's on last week's Martha Wedding special?

I couldn't believe that awesome necklace. Definitely sign me up for one of those. I'm going to have my mom put those on her Kohl's Clearance Radar.

They don't seem to have any of the other items from the show online, but there are a few other cute things. These would be great shower and rehearsal dinner outfits for brides and bridesmaids, not to mention great wedding guest outfits.

This purple dress is on sale for $39.00! I wish that I could wear this style.

I wonder if Andy would notice if I spent the Kohl's gift card that we received as a wedding gift from his aunt on a new necklace? Ha. Ha.

Several years ago, I helped a friend and her husband with the essays for their business school applications. I had decided that my answer to the "Who would you have dinner with?" question would have been Martha, Vera, and Kate Spade. The idea that these women built empires on things that they love amazes me. And how Vera Wang and Kate Spade created non-essential, somewhat luxury items that everyday people not only crave, but will actually purchase on occassion awes me.

Images: Video Stills - marthastewart.com; Merchandise - kohls.com


Julia said...

I really like that second dress that you posted, under the purple one. Very simple style, but great fabric! I am in awe of Martha. I know some people make fun, but she has done rather well for herself hasn't she?!

Special said...

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