Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh Sew La Me Oh

Awhile back, a bride contacted me about making her some invitations with sewed pouches. I excitedly enrolled in a sewing class and put a sewing machine on my Christmas list. Unfortunately, the job fell through, but I still had a blast at the class. The class was at The Needle Shop in Bucktown. I know that sewing a pillow is the easiest thing you can do and not really worth a mention in the DIY-world, but I have to admit, sewing this pillow gave me the biggest feeling of accomplishment that I've had in a long time. Sewing in my zipper made me feel like I had run a 5K.

I have to say, the etsy seller who made the pillows and aisle runner for our wedding earned her money! What a time consuming process. I really wish that I would have taken this class a year ago and bought a sewing machine so that I could have made more pillows to complete our vigenette look. After we swapped out the chairs for the benches, our pillows looked small and dumb; but there wasn't enough time or money to make additional and/or larger pillows. Oh well. Just don't tell the bridal magazines. ;)

I think that the shower curtain class will be my next class.

And then the screen printing because I've always wanted to try it.

And while I know my limits and really have no desire to ever make my own clothes, I kind of want to take the pajama pants and A-Line skirt classes just to see if I can do it. (Plus, I think that it would hilarious to watch the expression on my sister's face if I told her that I *made* the pajama pants that I gave her. She would hate me.)

You can view The Needle Point's class schedule here. I can't say enough nice things about this shop. The owner is Girl Power Incarnate.

I can't wait to buy a sewing machine and start including thread into paper designs. I've been loving that look since I discovered the wedding blog world.

All Needle Point images here.


Linda said...

I'm going to venture into the world of sewing this summer. I talked a friend last night about helping with pillows and blankets.

ChiBrideToBe said...

I've been meaning to sign up for a class for the past year! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

The Powell's said...

These look like some great classes! I have a sewing machine in my craft room that is currently collecting dust. Good luck with your sewing adventures, I wish I had a place to take classes in my town!

Julia said...

coool! I haven't sewn anything since I was in school, SUCH a feeling of accomplishment, that pillow looks great!! I would love to give this a go again some time.

Mel said...

Your pillow is fabulous! Love the fabric! (I can't even sew on a button! Boo!)