Monday, April 27, 2009

Products with Personality

Products with Personality is an online retailer of wedding and party details, packaging, and favors.

They offer many of the old standbys, like personalized candy bars ($2.50), themed lip balm ($1.85), sugar cookies, and mints at reasonable prices and more unique items, like these tea cups ($2.55), honey pots ($3.50), manicure kits ($4.78), and love bird salt and pepper shakers ($3.62).

I just suggested these Martha-inspired monogrammed Kisses ($0.25) to a friend who is helping a friend with a wedding.

They also offer lots of eco-friendly favors and place card holders.

I first discovered the Products with Personality site when I was searching for party favors for my sister-in-law's shower. I was eyeing these starfish and sea shell sugar cookies - so cute.

Although, these tea bag holders would have saved me a lot of time if I would have seen them. (So much for my "unique" HuskTea tea bag idea.)

PWP also has a blog in which they highlight their products. They recently featured WTRITO in their "Wedding Sites" section and, I have to admit, it totally made me blush when it popped up in my Google Alerts. Everyone should check them out.

All images from PWP.

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