Monday, April 27, 2009

I Just Thought Of A Reason To Be Excited About Monday Morning...

...Our Wedding Blurb book is scheduled to arrive!

I think that I've mentioned my incessant procrastination before. This blog was born out of my procrastinating going to the gym, going to bed, and working on wedding projects. Well, my most recent project born from procrastination was selecting the wedding photos for our pro album instead of cleaning the house and getting ready to move. But somehow, I managed to procrastinate on procrastinating because the process of selecting 85* photos out of 903 turned into,

"I should lay these out in Blurb to help myself visualize and narrow these down."

which then turned into,

"Fifty-five photos and I'm not even out of the hotel yet?
I might as well as just make myself a giant book and get it out of my system."

which then turned into,

"I should include all of the song lyrics and the ceremony order in here."

And, because Blurb's software stinks, the book became a two-week project. Two hundred sixty two pages later, I had a shiny new book all laid out and ready for submission. OF COURSE, I found two random page numbers in the footer right AFTER I uploaded it. After all, I only clicked "Show None" and "Apply to All Pages" 262 times. Of course, it was my fault. Dear Blurb, if you ever have User Acceptance Testing or want client feedback, I definitely volunteer.

*85 photos? That's it? Would it be immoral to sell my blood to earn money for the 125 photo album? That seems like something that would only be A-OK with the big guy if you did to feed your children, right?

P.S. I did it again. I was brushing my teeth 20 minutes ago and somehow ended up writing this instead of going to bed.


jessica lynn said...

i totally agree with you in that the blogger software is quite pathetic.

we_do said...

The Cover looks AMAZING! Great work, as always ;-)