Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Time Next Week My Initials Will be TLW-C!

I'm officially on wedding vacation!

(Mentally insert a photo of a stunning bride throwing her arms up in excitement here.
I am too lazy to search for one.)

I don't even know what to do first! This week was not a very good week in wedding planning. I had started mentally composing a post about it, but now that it's time to write about it, I realize it is best to drop it if I want to keep you all as my friends. But, I will ask for you to keep your collective Internet Fingers crossed that the jeweler will resize my engagement ring and my brand new, overpriced wedding band to the size I asked for and NOT THE SIZE THAT SHE INSISTED I WAS DESPITE THE FACT THAT PUTTING ON THE SIZER THINGS GAVE ME A PANIC ATTACK. I wore them around the house this morning and an hour after taking them off, my finger still hurts.

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