Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Few Things That I Forgot To Discuss With You Guys...

Overall, I was pleased with how my makeup from the trial photographed in our engagement pix. It looks great in black and white, but as I type this, I think that it may look a little washed out toward the middle of the colored photos. BUT, that could have been because it was 9,000 degrees out with 300% humidity. Here are the some close-ups where you can see the makeup. I think that they're the same ones that I shared a few weeks ago, but I have double chins in all of the other close-ups so I'm not sharing them. I wonder where I can buy a neck within the next 15 days?

Images: Sarah Alair

I picked up the bridesmaid jewelry from Sara Lenart last week. It is gorgeous. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my sister's necklace and wish that I could keep it for myself after the wedding. They both know that they're getting bling, but I want it to be a surprise, so I can't share it yet. :( Besides, I need something to post about when I'm going through withdrawal after the wedding.

I had my final dress fitting on Saturday. The dress itself fits like a glove, but I am so nervous about the top. I hope that I don't have a waredrobe malfunction while doing the Twist. It chaps my hide too because I busted my a*s looking for a dress that had straps so that I wouldn't be in this situation.

Hopefully, I'll look more like this:

Than This
Source Unknown

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Cupcake said...

Okay, because I want you to be the most beautiful bride on the planet I do think your make-up looked a little washed out in the color photo - but then you don't want to look like a 'ho either - maybe a little bit more blush or Bare Escentuals makes a great product called warmth - LOVE IT!
Regardless of what you decide you will be stunning.
Oh and about that mirrored dance floor - too funny. I used to go to a club which had a plexi-glass dance floor with a bar below - some patrons thought the scenery was great!
Have a wonderful day!