Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Re: Programs

I'm thinking one per invited guest/couple, not one per person. What do you think? 75 of our attendees will have martinis in their hands during the ceremony and another 35 will be drinking water. They can't hold a program AND a drink, right? ;)

I already have the supplies and it's too late to return them, so it's not saving me any money to NOT make 145 programs, just time. And time = gold these days.

Images: The Knot

(A Note to Any of My Girlfriends and Family Members Reading This: If you see any crumbled up invitations or programs laying around at the wedding, please kick them under a table so that I don't see them and cry. :( I would do it for you! And chances are, if I made your programs, I did for you. Ha. Ha.)


Tara said...

You can totally only do 1 per couple... my DOC recommended this and it does save considerable time... and not like the guys are going to read it!! :)

Jamie said...

1 per couple. I did 3/4 of the total RSVPd and had leftovers

Nicole said...

I concur - you only need one per party!