Monday, May 14, 2012

{Week 19} 366

{Day 127} 05.06.2012
The previous owners of AR's vacation house invented a weight-loss drug that a certain government agency wouldn't approve. They've renamed it and now sell it out of a gas station.

{Day 128} 05.07.2012
I forgot to take a photo-a-day pix and then remembered after I woke up on the couch just before midnight. I snapped this fog photo through the window on my way to bed. #fineartphotography

{Day 129} 05.08.2012
Hooray! My new computer is in business! I felt naked without my Illustrator and Photoshop. I'm so eager to teach myself InDesign for work.

{Day 130} 05.09.2012
The light was spectacular this evening.

{Day 131} 05.10.2012
Preparing for Mother's Day W****t Style. This little guy held some super cute chevron earrings and a crisp $20 bill.

{Day 132} 05.11.2012
The surgery for my benign mass was an all-day affair, but super easy.

{Day 133} 05.12.2012
A handsome door at Queen of Angels Catholic Church.

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