Monday, May 7, 2012

{366} Week 18

{Day 120} 04.29.2012
I haven't played with beads in ages. Such a calming activity for a Sunday night.

{Day 121} 04.30.2012
A surprise greeting to thank a good friend for a HUGE favor. 

{Day 122} 05.01.2012

{Day 123} 05.02.2012
Here come the sail boats!

{Day 124} 05.03.2012
The first glass of wine on Aunt Ruth's deck in the Northwoods.

{Day 125} 05.04.2012
Popping champagne to christen the maiden voyage on his dad's new boat on Aunt Ruth's lake. 

{Day 126} 05.05.2012
For "Northwoods Andy," sticking one's head under the faucet and styling your hair counts as "dressing for dinner." Northwoods Andy also wears khaki pants that he cut into tattered capris for a pirate costume a few years ago, as "why junk up good pants fishing?"

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