Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gifts for a Woodsy Wino

As you probably guessed from last week's 366 photos, Andy's Aunt Ruth bought a new vacation home in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Lucky her! (And us, huh?) While she's embracing the log cabin theme with gusto, we couldn't resist getting her some fancy wine stuff to help her remember her roots!

I ordered some woodburned wine charms cut from a fallen spruce tree branch from Etsy seller, The Hickory Tree. I asked her to attach some silver rings for me to insert the charm loop. Then I picked up some earth-toned beads at Caravan Beads for embellishment. Each family member and a few of AR's "Wine Diva" friends received a charm.

My sister-in-law, April, looooves the bling, so her charm had some fancy crystals instead.

I packaged all of the charms in a sturdy gift box from Paper Source that could be left out on a counter for easy access.

That went into a box with an electric wine opener, a bottle of a family favorite wine for special occasions, and other accoutrement that are fun must-haves for any wine-lover on vacation. 

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