Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Travel Journals

I’m not a big journal person, but I do try to make an effort to be when I go on big trips.

Our upcoming trip inspired me to pull my Italy journal out of storage last week. I’ve had so much fun reading about the trip and laughing at the odd occurrences that I had forgotten since 2007. Such as, the little boy in Florence who asked my friend and me to pose with scary faces for his travel journal or the video message that we made on a stranger’s video camera for his friend’s wedding. The entry that made me laugh the most was the note about the American we met on the train who told us people would recognize us as Americans because of our “layered haircuts.”

I’m so glad that I took the time to write in such detail. But I’m also glad that I saved so many mementos. I remember thinking that I’d put together a formal scrapbook someday (yeah, right!), so I have business cards, train tickets, museum tickets, etc. sort of randomly taped in the middle of entries. LOVE IT! 

I also kept copies of the postcards that I sent from each city.

Paper Source unfortunately discontinued these wonderful leather journals a few years ago. Thankfully, I had a clean one in storage that I had picked up on clearance. 

I already have a few entries in our France journal – pictures of the “Avoir” gifts and cards we’ve received. 

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Terese said...

i love the look of a journal bursting with writing and the less formal scrapbook style of all your mementos. paper porn at its finest :)

hope france is wonderful!!!