Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photography Class

I took a "Digital Fundamentals in a Day" class at the Chicago Photography Academy today.

I still feel overwhelmed, but much, much better than I did yesterday. Just having a professional admit that it's tough after hanging in Blog Land, where so many novices are good, made me feel better. And these really are the best photos I've ever taken. I should note that it took me 170 photos to get these. Not kidding.

I really liked the Chicago Photography Academy. I highly recommend it.


Abbie said...

Those came out great! I really need to take a class. I feel like a turd every time I turn my camera on.

Mel said...

Your photos look great - and in my 'hood, no less. ;) Thanks for the info. One of these days when I actually invest in a quality camera, I know where I need to go.