Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Circle Surplus

Whenever I finish a project, I salvage the scraps by punching them into shapes. My stash is getting huge, so I've been trying to use them whenever possible. It's so easy to make a last minute package look a little more thought out by dressing it up a few mix-n-match papers.

Today I used them to dress up a bottle of champ for a coworker's 60th birthday gift. 

She wanted a very big-deal-less birthday, but you can't let one's entrance into their seventh decade slip by without at least a little pomp and circumstance. They earned it! My packaging gave me a giggle.


Terese said...

that wine bag is so awesome. you could replace the picture of the old lady with a picture of a pregnant lady and that would be exactly how i've felt while enjoying each of the 3 glasses i've had in the past month.

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