Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mermaid Farts Necklace

Bestill my beating heart. And look at the name.

 {Source: ETSY - savage salvage}

Anyone who knows me in person probably wonders how I could possibly so drawn to pearls given my propensity for naughty language and general chaos. I often wonder myself. But I love 'em. The bigger, the better.

I have to give a 15-minute presentation in front of my entire peer organization in April. (Why did I type that out loud? Now my stomach hurts.) I wish that I could hide behind these farts.

As a total aside, Andy recently referred to farts as "Street Justice." I love him.


Linda said...

Love this necklace. If you wore that no one wold notice any mistakes (not that you would make any way!)

Married In Chicago said...

Funniest. Post. Ever.

hiding behind farts. genius.
farts as street justice. super genius.

RayTrent said...

Are these two necklaces the same and where can I get one? Must have! Email me: thanks!