Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Winning. Duh.

I've become a blog failure. BUT, I am proud to report that this time, it wasn't because of work. On February 13, I kind of lost my sh*t (for lack of a better term), tore out my closet, and...
  • 3.5 vacation days,
  • 1 painted closet,
  • 2 elfa closet systems,
  • 1 tax filing,
  • 1 carload to Goodwill,
  • 1 carload to my sister,
  • 11 new picture frames,
  • 1 dust ruffle, 
  • 4 mirrors,
  • and easily 12+ blue bags of shredded paper...
...later, it's the end of March. And I'm *almost* feeling great. I'msoclosetogreat that I'm borderline giddy, but also very exhausted. But that could be that I was up all night trying to figure out why my laptop was out of space after I did a clean install of the OS. (Turns out the culprit was a Windows.OLD file generated during the install.) 

So, my house is almost in order and my computer is almost in tip-top shape, so I guess my next project is me. Yikes. Trying not to dread that one. Go FISH!

I'll share pix of the fruits of my labor very soon. I promise.


Married In Chicago said...

closet makeover? I'm jealous! I can't wait to read about it and see pictures!

Maybe you could come over to my house and help me out? My closet is embarrassingly bad.

Terese said...

congratulations! spring cleaning and organizing make me so happy. isn't it funny how once it's complete, you wonder how you lived so long with the clutter??