Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mobile Art

One corner of our living room is so vanilla and BLAH! I'm hoping to find some wonderful, street (re: cheap) art while we're roaming the streets of Paris this fall. (I know, right?) Said corner currently holds a tree, but no furniture or ledges on which to rest something; therefore, I'm tossing around the idea of a mobile.


{west elm -- Andy actually nixed the ones from this line. The one I kind of liked is no longer online.)

{more west elm}

etsy artist marco mahler has some really light, affordable options:

Even if I was rich, I can't imagine loving any mobile enough to commit $895 to it...

Thoughts? Too much? Am I even a mobile person?


Terese said...

i like them all. especially the 2 from etsy. although you may not want to trust my opinion as i've been mentally decorating a nursery for the past 6 months!

Lauren said...

Marco Mahler did a contest/giveaway on facebook and I won one of his mobiles. I absolutely love it, this is the one I won http://www.etsy.com/listing/70753428/mobile-78-outdoor-dark-walnut-and?ref=tre-4d93ac32ffeb8eef3319ac3a-9 .

What really struck me, and what you can't tell (or I couldn't) from the pictures is the wonderfully organic way that the mobiles move. Each of the parts move independently, and they move up and down as well as the expected spinning movement. I really love it, and if you are thinking of bringing a mobile into your space I highly recommend going with one of his because they are beautiful and affordable, and also because Marco is such a great guy!

Ciaranofeire said...

The above comment is mine, the last person to use my computer didn't logout.