Monday, March 28, 2011

Modern Whimsy at West Elm

I am becoming more and more of a west elm fan. I've always been a west elm fan, but they've been wooing me extra hard this spring with their modern art and kitchen ceramics.

I don't need these, but really, really want them. I mean, I don't have ANY measuring bowls, right?

I couldn't resist these guys. I love seeing them on the counter.

Orange biscuit tins? Yes, please!

I can't re-clutter my cabinets after just cleaning them out, so I need to just keep on walking right by these modernist mugs and bowls. I held the coral/orange mug the other day and it's just the most perfect color.

When we were leaving Pottery Barn and west elm this past Saturday, Andy commented that I am "just a whore for orange." He said that I sniff it out and flock it to like a moth to a flame.

P.S. I also want all of our initials in these.

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Tara said...

I have been liking West Elm more and more lately too. I really like those cups and bowls... might have to get a few :)

And I have the letter mugs from Anthro (last year?) but I like these better... ugh.