Monday, April 4, 2011

Representin'...or Not.

The Chicago poster from Ork has been around for awhile now:


I'm personally digging the city neighborhood maps series from These Are Things.

I've had one in my shopping cart for weeks now, but have yet to click "Purchase." Do I really need a map of what's outside my door?

I love, love, love the world maps from These Are Things:

We need more walls. (Although, Andy would probably beg to differ.)


Married In Chicago said...

I vote a YES to the Chicago Poster from Ork. But maybe that is because I have wanted one for quite a long time now. Funny, I've never been able to seal the deal and purchase it either.

Linda said...

I really want one but since I live in a 'burb of Seattle they don't have one that includes me. Boo!
I love both!