Monday, April 18, 2011

{In the Works} Tie Dye Pillows and Ikat Chairs

I've become bored with our orange pillows and wedding pillows on the big green couch. Hours of e-searching for fabric hasn't warranted anything that wouldn't give Andy a yeast infection (from the girliness) or isn't $40/yard. I've talked myself into these and am now obsessed with them.

From my new Paper Source (i.e. my new retail obsession), of course. I am even considering paying shipping if they're sold out in Chicago. (The Oak Brook store was sold out.)

Speaking of fabric, I've ordered this excellent orange and white ikat to recover our kitchen chairs:

I was so excited to find this fabric. It was *exactly* what I had envisioned in my mind. Unfortunately, it is a trade fabric, but I found an etsy seller who was kind enough to order some for me.


Married In Chicago said...

That pillow is amazing!!!! its going to look awesome on your couch.

Terese said...

i love both of these pillows. it's a really good thing west elm isn't within walking distance of my home or work because i would live there. i feel very happy when i walk in that store!