Friday, June 15, 2012


This is the best RSVP that I've seen in a while.

{wit & delight via Brooklyn Bride}

I'd get married every year if I could.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Etched Northwoods Wine Glasses

Wine glasses with cute charms aren't the most realistic vessel for drinking on boats and hanging with a two year-old with a mean throwing arm. I made Northwoods-inspired wine glasses for Aunt Ruth's lake house using the process outlined in this tutorial. I swear, I love my Silhouette every more every day. These turned out super cute and were a total hit with our family.

I was making these in the middle of the night and working in the dark, as our bedroom door is broken and the kitchen light would have shined right into the bedroom while Andy slept. I didn't realize that I had etching cream on my hand and etched my thumb print onto one of the glasses. Thankfully it wash just my glass.

Monday, June 11, 2012

{366} Week 23

{Day 160} 06.03.2012
Great End to a Great Weekend - Uploading the France 2011 book for printing!

{Day 161} 06.04.2012
Christmas Gift from my friend, Pon. My office is at least 80 degrees on any given day. I've surrounded my desk with fans.

{Day 162} 06.05.2012
$4 Farmer's Market Consolation Prize for Skipping the gym to go to work.

{Day 163} 06.06.12
I was stressed out during a call and unwittingly chipped off my no chip manicure. My nails don't look this gross and peeled in person. Ewwww.

{Day 164} 06.07.12

City Hall

{Day 165} 06.08.12
My friend from H.S. is a teacher and a very talented stand-up comedienne. You should check her out.

{Day 166} 06.09.12
Working "Remotely" during my pedicure.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

{366} Week 22

{Day 151} 05.27.12
Cleaning the House. No wonder May flew by. I was drunk the whole time.

{Day 152} 05.28.12
Reading my France Journal before bed to refresh memories for the photo book.

{Day 153} 05.29.12
A (denied) request for extension on a big project at work turned into two and a half days of spreadsheets and tap-dancing.

{Day 156} 05.30.12 I love seeing how different people interpret the morning weather report. (For the record, it was definitely sandals and a light sweater weather.)

{Day 157} 05.31.2012
I always enjoy the Merchandise Mart's CANstruction Project. This year, I had two favorites - this guy and an elephant.

{Day 158} 06.01.2012
The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour Preview Night. My friend volunteers and invited me as her guest. This sooooo beats paying $100 to stand in lines for eight+  hours.

{Day 159} 06.02.2012
Playin' the Ponies at our friend's birthday party. The Birthday Girl, Andy, and several others won $75 the first race. I won $28 and then cut myself off at -$30.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{366} Week 21

{Day 144} 5.20.2012
A resale shop on a wine walk that I attended had art like this haphazardly displayed side-by-side with paintings of the Virgin Mary. I chickened out taking photos of both, just in case God reads my blog. (You know He does!)

{Day 145} 05.21.12
I forgot to take a photo. This photo is from me using to the camera zoom to see if there were NATO protestors on the bridge. (There were, even though you can't see them here.)

{Day 146} 05.22.12
The Internet has a buzzer?

{Day 147} 05.23.12
I was feeling deflated about a few things when I misread the message from this Hallmark Christmas ornament as, "You will PEAK again, it's your destiny." Darth Vader is a total dick.

{Day 148} 05.24.12
A fun DIY project - etched glasses for Aunt Ruth's lake house. More pix to follow.

{Day 149} 05.25.12
Heading to dinner before Steppenwolf.

{Day 150} 05.26.12
Day at the zoo with my favorite little girl.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our 2011 France Trip

I never got around to blogging about our trip to France back in September. The reason is one part "I took way too many photos to process on my slow computer," one part, "I work too much," and one part, "I am lazy." However, since getting my new computer, I've managed to throw every moment of available free time in the last two months into making a photo book for our trip. It ended up being more of a coffee table book than a travel book, but it is a solid photo story of the sites that mesmerized us as fledgling Francophiles.

Here's our album if you'd like to take a gander. (It's really long.) I can still post about our trip if anyone's interested. I feel like it's old news now!

P.S. I stand by my dislike of the Blurb tool. I manually edited every page to remove the headers and footers. I changed the format of one page, literally, two minutes before I uploaded the book and forgot to remove the header and footer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.