Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{366} Week 21

{Day 144} 5.20.2012
A resale shop on a wine walk that I attended had art like this haphazardly displayed side-by-side with paintings of the Virgin Mary. I chickened out taking photos of both, just in case God reads my blog. (You know He does!)

{Day 145} 05.21.12
I forgot to take a photo. This photo is from me using to the camera zoom to see if there were NATO protestors on the bridge. (There were, even though you can't see them here.)

{Day 146} 05.22.12
The Internet has a buzzer?

{Day 147} 05.23.12
I was feeling deflated about a few things when I misread the message from this Hallmark Christmas ornament as, "You will PEAK again, it's your destiny." Darth Vader is a total dick.

{Day 148} 05.24.12
A fun DIY project - etched glasses for Aunt Ruth's lake house. More pix to follow.

{Day 149} 05.25.12
Heading to dinner before Steppenwolf.

{Day 150} 05.26.12
Day at the zoo with my favorite little girl.

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