Monday, June 11, 2012

{366} Week 23

{Day 160} 06.03.2012
Great End to a Great Weekend - Uploading the France 2011 book for printing!

{Day 161} 06.04.2012
Christmas Gift from my friend, Pon. My office is at least 80 degrees on any given day. I've surrounded my desk with fans.

{Day 162} 06.05.2012
$4 Farmer's Market Consolation Prize for Skipping the gym to go to work.

{Day 163} 06.06.12
I was stressed out during a call and unwittingly chipped off my no chip manicure. My nails don't look this gross and peeled in person. Ewwww.

{Day 164} 06.07.12

City Hall

{Day 165} 06.08.12
My friend from H.S. is a teacher and a very talented stand-up comedienne. You should check her out.

{Day 166} 06.09.12
Working "Remotely" during my pedicure.

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