Thursday, June 7, 2012

{366} Week 22

{Day 151} 05.27.12
Cleaning the House. No wonder May flew by. I was drunk the whole time.

{Day 152} 05.28.12
Reading my France Journal before bed to refresh memories for the photo book.

{Day 153} 05.29.12
A (denied) request for extension on a big project at work turned into two and a half days of spreadsheets and tap-dancing.

{Day 156} 05.30.12 I love seeing how different people interpret the morning weather report. (For the record, it was definitely sandals and a light sweater weather.)

{Day 157} 05.31.2012
I always enjoy the Merchandise Mart's CANstruction Project. This year, I had two favorites - this guy and an elephant.

{Day 158} 06.01.2012
The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour Preview Night. My friend volunteers and invited me as her guest. This sooooo beats paying $100 to stand in lines for eight+  hours.

{Day 159} 06.02.2012
Playin' the Ponies at our friend's birthday party. The Birthday Girl, Andy, and several others won $75 the first race. I won $28 and then cut myself off at -$30.

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