Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mermaid Farts Necklace

Bestill my beating heart. And look at the name.

 {Source: ETSY - savage salvage}

Anyone who knows me in person probably wonders how I could possibly so drawn to pearls given my propensity for naughty language and general chaos. I often wonder myself. But I love 'em. The bigger, the better.

I have to give a 15-minute presentation in front of my entire peer organization in April. (Why did I type that out loud? Now my stomach hurts.) I wish that I could hide behind these farts.

As a total aside, Andy recently referred to farts as "Street Justice." I love him.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mobile Art

One corner of our living room is so vanilla and BLAH! I'm hoping to find some wonderful, street (re: cheap) art while we're roaming the streets of Paris this fall. (I know, right?) Said corner currently holds a tree, but no furniture or ledges on which to rest something; therefore, I'm tossing around the idea of a mobile.


{west elm -- Andy actually nixed the ones from this line. The one I kind of liked is no longer online.)

{more west elm}

etsy artist marco mahler has some really light, affordable options:

Even if I was rich, I can't imagine loving any mobile enough to commit $895 to it...

Thoughts? Too much? Am I even a mobile person?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Modern Whimsy at West Elm

I am becoming more and more of a west elm fan. I've always been a west elm fan, but they've been wooing me extra hard this spring with their modern art and kitchen ceramics.

I don't need these, but really, really want them. I mean, I don't have ANY measuring bowls, right?

I couldn't resist these guys. I love seeing them on the counter.

Orange biscuit tins? Yes, please!

I can't re-clutter my cabinets after just cleaning them out, so I need to just keep on walking right by these modernist mugs and bowls. I held the coral/orange mug the other day and it's just the most perfect color.

When we were leaving Pottery Barn and west elm this past Saturday, Andy commented that I am "just a whore for orange." He said that I sniff it out and flock it to like a moth to a flame.

P.S. I also want all of our initials in these.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Winning. Duh.

I've become a blog failure. BUT, I am proud to report that this time, it wasn't because of work. On February 13, I kind of lost my sh*t (for lack of a better term), tore out my closet, and...
  • 3.5 vacation days,
  • 1 painted closet,
  • 2 elfa closet systems,
  • 1 tax filing,
  • 1 carload to Goodwill,
  • 1 carload to my sister,
  • 11 new picture frames,
  • 1 dust ruffle, 
  • 4 mirrors,
  • and easily 12+ blue bags of shredded paper...
...later, it's the end of March. And I'm *almost* feeling great. I'msoclosetogreat that I'm borderline giddy, but also very exhausted. But that could be that I was up all night trying to figure out why my laptop was out of space after I did a clean install of the OS. (Turns out the culprit was a Windows.OLD file generated during the install.) 

So, my house is almost in order and my computer is almost in tip-top shape, so I guess my next project is me. Yikes. Trying not to dread that one. Go FISH!

I'll share pix of the fruits of my labor very soon. I promise.