Thursday, March 4, 2010

better together: the dress

Oh, how I loved my dress! However, during the planning process, I struggled with it big time. I bought my dress while we were on holiday in Florida last Christmas. We went to the store, I tried about 20 dresses on before deciding thatthe last one was "my dress." It was the total opposite of what I've envisioned. I wanted lace, a mermaid silhouette, and sheer sleeves without a train… And what did I end up with? Take a look!

{click to enlarge}

A modern, drop waist, lace-free gown with a train! While my lovely dress hung in my mother’s closet, I drooled over Jim Hjelm and Alvina Valenta gowns. I even almost bought a second dress. But my sister and a good friend convinced me that I've bought this dress for a reason and that I shouldn’t doubt my intuition.

The dress was a sample and because it fits me almost like a glove, the saleslady let me take it with me. So a few weeks before the wedding I took her to a seamstress and made a big decision. I wanted to shorten the train since I thought it was "too much". After a little exercise of stashing the train away, taking it out, stashing it again, and taking it out again, I decided to remove it for good. I loved my dress even more without the train! It looked younger, fresher, and definitely more modern than before.

pictures by schwarzbild

Next up: the flowers


MLC84 said...

I love the dropped waist dresses!! I hope they look good on my because that's all I've been looking at. I have a short torso so I think it will be okay.

Beth said...

OMG...this wedding dress looks awesome and flowers look perfect. wedding flowers are the success indicator of happy married life.

we_do said...

I have a rather short torso too, drop waist dresses work perfectly for that kind of body type!