Monday, March 15, 2010

Indecision 2010

I know, so predictable, right? "Tina's torn between orange, green, and the trendy color of the moment - gray? What a shock!" To be fair, yellow's in the mix, too, but I'd have to color match Paper Source Curry, so it's not on the wall. In my defense, Andy is the one who unleased the orange beast after my gray hemming and hawing. I wasn't even considering going there. But I think that I like it!


Abbie said...

I'm thinking of painting my home office a pale gray. I just can't figure out which one yet.

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

What room is it for?

Ralph Lauren makes a great grey!

jessica lynn said...

we did grey for our 3rd bedroom and second bath. and then i did a light blue (gliden's gentle tide) color on the walls of our office accented by a light grey. loving it!!