Tuesday, October 20, 2009

File Under "Projects That Are Good In Theory"

After lots of hemming and hawing, I went the semi-homemade route for our Moving Announcements. I purchased the Envelopes Moving Announcements from Paper Source.

Then, made them my "own" by slicing several of the envelopes on the card and pasting in little notes listing the things that we were most psyched about in our new place: indoor parking, central air, hot water, a guest craft room, an in-unit laundry ROOM, a balcony, and, most importantly, 1,422 square feet! (You know, things that people in the 'burbs take for granted.)

I mounted navy card stock on the back to cover all of my papers. Man, what a TEDIOUS process! On about card 40 of 45, I realized that these could come off as braggy instead of funny. Thankfully, all of the recipients got the joke and we received a ton of compliments. Apparently, the size and condition our previous condo was well-known.

I was over this project at the end, so I just hand addressed the envelopes:


Anonymous said...

wow - these are so cute!

Abbie said...

What a fabulous idea! I love it... and don't think it's braggy at all.