Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moving Announcements

I am thinking of..gasp...buying our moving announcements**. I am very busy and also trying to break the incredibly bad habits that wedding planning enabled me to develop - mainly, staying up all night blogging and playing with paper. Not to mention that I will be sending Moving Announcement/Christmas cards at the rate I work.

So far, these are the ones in the running - in no particular order. Any votes?



From Minted:
I do like the one above very much, but the baby carriage is misleading.
I don't feel like dealing with people reading into it.


**I have a spectacular idea for homemade cards. The materials would cost next to nothing, but the labor and postage would be through the roof!


A Windy City Wedding said...

too many cute ones to pick but i would say 5 (blue with keys) or 7 (pantone) because i like the bright colors.

{Rachel} said...

How funny, I'm picking the exact same two as A Windy City Wedding! 7 reminds me of your wedding theme with the dots and I used 5 as my inspiration for my moving announcements.

Terese said...

#8 really jumps out at me!

Linda said...

I love them all. I can't choose!

Katie said...

ohmigosh. this make me want to move all over again. There are two many to love. Good luck picking!

Mel said...

My vote is for #5 or #10. I love #9, but you could be right about the baby carriage...

ChiBrideToBe said...

I know it's not one of the options, but my vote is for you to make your own, because I know whatever you made would be so creative!

Keg Design said...

very hard to choose, but my vote would go to #8 or #12...good luck!

un-bride said...

What fab choices! I like 2,8 & 9.