Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving Announcements - Etsy

I'm still dragging a*s on our moving announcements. None of my own designs are blowing my hair back and none of the pro ones are screaming "Send Me!" Here's what I found on Etsy! Etsy! Etsy! (Incidentally, two of these are similar to ideas floating in my uninspired little mind.)

{Etsy Shop:  sweet perversion}

{Etsy Shop: shredlines}

 {Etsy Shop: annacote}

{Etsy Shop: westwillow}
{Etsy Shop: juniperberry}

{Etsy Shop: socialcircles}

{Etsy Shop:  paperpastries}
{Etsy Shop: Squeedles}


Aarika said...

Check out Happy Girl Greetings over at Etsy. She has nice throwback stationary and cards for any occasion.

Terese said...

from what i've seen of your personality and sense of humor on this blog, i think #1 is perfect!

Julie said...

great finds! i love the ones that look like they are made of cardboard boxes.