Friday, May 1, 2009

I Need to Get Over My Love for Trinkets

I love everything by Spitfire Girl , but I think that these hankies are my favorite.

They make me wish that I knew someone who:
  1. had a sense of humor and
  2. uses hankies.

Those seem like odd common denominators to find in a person in the year 2009. They'd be great add-on gifts and stocking stuffers. I've seen them sold individually at Paper Boy.

Dig these box cards too:

And these shower favors:

And this might look handsome in our new condo:

All images from Spitfire Girl .


Hip Hostess said...

Love the hankies...they'd make allergy season a bit more tolerable!

PDX Bride said...

I love those hankies!! But I obviously have a sense of humor . . . and if someone gave me a hanky like that I would probably find someway to use it!!

thecelebrationsgame said...

I love your sense of humor and those hankies are hilarious!