Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Clutter is Making Me SentiMENTAL

So, what's the verdict on keeping greeting cards and notes from one's engagement period and wedding? I have been keeping them all, but we just don't have room. I decided that I would keep whatever would fit in one medium Kolo Havana box.

I've been checking all cards for the following criteria:
  1. A personal note.
  2. Personality.
  3. Cute Factor.
  4. From a mom. (I just can't throw away a card from my mom. I don't know why. And Andy's mom buys cute cards.)

Is that wrong? Will I be disappointed in 30 years if I don't have all of the cards? Knowing myself, I'm guessing "no," but what do you think? I will say that my Kolo box with the cards bundled by event with Paper Source ribbon does look cute. And it's nice to see our recycling bags spilling over instead of the bookshelves.

There is one card that I will definitely be keeping. I inferred in my previous post that my friend's wife made my favorite card. Isn't it cute? For the new readers who weren't around last summer to e-hold my hand during the invitation debacle, she scanned our invitation design and wrote a poem.


She also created an envelope from all of our other mailings -- the save the date and the hotel flyer.


I had a few other funny ones to show you, but my scanner has suddenly stopped scanning.(God forbid that anything work on Vista.)

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