Monday, January 9, 2012

My Dad is 60!

A wrapping paper table runner. 

Place Cards...

 ...turned Party Hats!

 Each party hat had a photo of my dad and the wearer.
(Except for my bro.)

My dad's had a pix of him and his aunt/mom.

Andy and my mom were the only ones who humored me and wore their hats,
as my dad and brother were worried about "ruining their hair." They are both total curmudgeons.

 My #60 fell off in the car. :(

To make the hats, I unassembled a cardboard party hat and traced it onto 12X12 and 8.5x11 cardstock from Paper Source. I used crepe paper streamers to make fringe decorations. I used my Sillhouette SD to cut the 60s, which I attached with floral wire and scotch tape, and the blue ovals for the photos, which were attached with foam squares.

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Mel said...

Cute hats! More crafty envy from me. Ha.