Tuesday, January 10, 2012

365: Week 1

I tried starting a 365 project on my birthday, in hope of practicing my camera. I last about two weeks or so before I got busy and fell behind. I decided to try a Hipstamatic album this new year for a few different reasons: to practice composition and for visual motivation to break out of the ruts I tend to get myself into. And since it's Hipstamatic, I will ALWAYS have my camera with me and won't have to do any processing. Hooray! Processing is what kills me.

Day 1, 01.01.2012: Hanging onto the holidays at my parent's house

 Day 2, 01.02.2012: So long, Santa!

 Day 3, 01.03.2012: Back to work

Day 4, 01.04.2012: New Year, New Possibilities
The P.S. calendar wasn't my favorite design,
but the numbers are big enough to be seen across the room
when I'm on calls and the bright colors really cheer up my drab office space.

Day 5, 01.05.2012: Busy Work chaps my hide.

Day 6, 01.06.2012: 5 Point Breakfast

Day 7, 01.07.2012: Crafting in the Car en route to Dad's Birthday Party

My goal is to drop the week's photos into a blurb album every weekend. So far, so good!

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Terese said...

fun! i'm so excited to follow everyone's 365 this year. and if i'm honest, i'm looking forward to being finished with mine!