Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Upcycled" Wedding Card

Andy's cousin was married back in September. When I grabbed the invitations to check the directions, I realized that it was still in pristine shape. I created a "custom" invitation card inspired by the card my friends gave us for our wedding.

I added an ellipses to the front cover and continued the message inside. I printed a new message on card stock and pasted it over their details.

I used the slot that held the RSVP and Direction cards to insert an A2 card with our message of love and luck.

I am proud to say that our package definitely stuck out on the gift table! I found these other cute photos from the wedding day:

Their Church:

The site outside of their reception:

Andy and his family have *zero* tolerance for me when I hold up the party to take photos like this. They don't get it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Weight Watchers} July 20, 2011 Weigh-In

This is a huge victory! Not because I'm at my lowest, but because I lost the three pounds I gained while in Texas.

The worst part about gaining weight in Dallas is that I didn't even enjoy the meals. The one place that, according to Yelp, is the "Best Tex Mex in Dallas," was HORRIFYING. The nacho cheese was Velveeta mixed with cream of chicken soup. Not kidding. I wanted to leave a Yelp review, but I thought that I'd come off as a b*tchy Yankee. Which, I am what I am and I ain't no more.

A Get Well Mailing

One of my godsons needed some stitches a while back. I made sure that his "Get Well" card was well-protected. Writing on bandages is really, really hard, as you can tell from my manic signature. I'm surprised it wasn't swabbed for anthrax.

He thought that I was the whip for these skeleton bandages. I sent him the rest for Christmas because that's how I roll as a Catholic godmother.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Early Birthday Celebration

I'm heading back to the Big D next week, so I celebrated my coworker's birthday a week early with streamers, balloons, and cupcakes.

Her birthday sign looked like it was cut out by a serial killer. I was locked out of the printer room and too tired to doing anything more than haphazard, drunk-looking cut outs. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

I L-O-V-E Fridays

I just picked up these super cute L-O-V-E stamps for use on the birthday party invitations of one of my favorite little girls in the entire universe. These stamps would have looked great on all of our 2008 New Leaf invitations.

It's been a looooong week in Tina Town. I'm excitedly off to the White Sox game to enjoy a hot pretzel and some post-game fireworks. 

The Fireworks in 2010

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{Weight Watchers} July 6, 2011 Weigh-In

I'm not upset about this week's weight. Since I'm in the eternal plateau, I took a mental health break and enjoyed myself the entire weekend. I had a few glasses of wine while crafting with a friend last Wednesday, enjoyed some movie popcorn, a burger, and a beer with Andy, sipped a  lemonade while talking my friend's daughter for a walk, caught up with a girlfriend over a rooftop pretzel and beer, enjoyed a couple of plastic cups full of homemade sangria at a barbecue, and cooled down with an Arnold Palmer and a few sips of wine on the 4th. And I didn't think twice about it. Unfortunately, I stretched my stomach and I'm starving now. Mmmmm...bananas.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Spring Detox} Cheap Living Room Art

A while back, I mentioned the boring corner of our living room that needed some sprucing up. I found these wonderful Sanna Annukka greeting cards from 1973 at a sample sale for only 20 cents a piece.

{Source: 1973}

I framed them in gallery frames from west elm.

It's still a little bland, but better than nothing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I hope that everyone had a happy, safe holiday. We hit my parents' pool for the first time this season, popped over to Andy's parents' cabana for a little cool-down, and then drove into the city as everyone exploded their fireworks. (We also had his-n-her heart attacks when some douche bag blew off an M-80 a stone's throw from our car while we waited at a drive-thru.)

In the spirit of the 4th, here's a blast from the past from one of my favorite '80s movies, Shag.

I wonder if I still have the entire script memorized?