Thursday, November 17, 2011

Orange You Glad You Didn't Move?

My friend recently redecorated her apartment in an attempt to talk herself out of moving. Her renovations could be published. Think orange and blue paint, reclaimed wood wall units/workstations, and closet doors re-purposed as magnetic chalkboard walls.

I wanted to give her a small "house re-warming" gift that wouldn't take up space in her newly detoxed apartment. She also loves the color orange, so I wrapped up some Halloween hot chocolate that turns orange from Crate & Barrel, some orange marshmallow Peeps, and a monogram mug from Anthropologie. I used some scraps from around the house to bestow some orange bliss on the outside too.

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devon lorraine ... said...

i was definitely a couple posts behind on your blog. and now, i want to see photos of your crafy bitch's re-warmed place!