Monday, November 21, 2011

Art Nouveau Garden Wedding Projects

Two of our best friends got married back in October!

Because the bride is insane, she made all of her own floral arrangements at the last minute. Apparently, people are more talented and stronger than me. Look at her bouquet!

{Source: Tyler Core Shoots People}
While I couldn't help with flowers, in true, I-wish-that-I-was-still-engaged Tina form, I helped the bride-to-be out with some other projects. Basically, I said, "Give me whatever you don't want to do yourself." I took a few vacation days and spent them in crafting bliss. Here are a few of the projects that I worked on.

{Source: Tyler Core Shoots People}
I'm so pleased with the programs, which quite literally came to life in about two hours the day before the wedding using some scrap paper that the bride had.

{Source: Tyler Core Shoots People}

{Source: Tyler Core Shoots People}
I didn't "make" these bells, but I did pick them out to decorate the church and reception hall. I added the ribbons in her wedding colors.

{Source: Tyler Core Shoots People}
I made a few Welcome signs for the church and the hall.

The bride bought me a Silhouette SD in the spring as a thank you gift for helping her out. I had hoped to use it on some of her wedding projects, but her invitation design was too intricate to cut en masse. I surprised her with a bride and groom banner. The groom's family friend offered to help me hang them and spent about 20 minutes manipulating them and taping them to the awkward chairs with my green painter's tape. I didn't have the heart to move them.

{Source: Tyler Core Shoots People}

Each guest was greeted with a chocolate. I wrapped them in tissue paper and a slim piece of paper with a "thank you" message and the instructions for the couple's flickr page.

The bride found these great images of old Chicago posters. We used them as table markers for the place cards.

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