Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Rug

We need a new rug in our living room. When we first bought our place, we couldn't afford the fancy shag that we wanted, but didn't want to risk getting something scratchy online at a discount site.

We ended up buying a cheap (in price and construction) alternative from Home Depot. Only 1.25 years later, it looks like total crap. We're toying with getting a shag remnant somewhere, but I like to poke around to see what else is out there. I might be digging the lourdes sánchez bull's-eye rug from west elm. Not sure yet.

 The colors seem so much more vibrant in this photo.

At $399, it's must cheaper than the plain shags we've seen. Not sure how it looks in the grand scheme:


devon lorraine ... said...

i think this rug fits your style and palatte, but where is it going to go?

Mel said...

You're right, the rug looks so much brighter in the room photo. It's super cute though!

Terese said...

i'm late chiming in, but i'm liking the rug. great colors. did you get it?