Monday, January 24, 2011

Fastest. December. Ever.

December and Christmas 2010 were, by far, one of the finest holiday seasons that I can recall in a long while. We averaged a holiday party a weekend, went Christmas shopping, and celebrated all of my favorite traditions.

 1. Christmas Tree Shopping 2. The Music Box Christmas Show
3.  Welcome Yule @ the CSO 4. Christkindlmarket

Also in December, my little sister graduated from Nursing school. I don’t know if I can refer her to as “my little sister,” as she turned 28 this month, but in my world, she’s pretty much a fetus with a nursing cap.

Andy and I celebrated our first Christmas morning at home. I was sad not to wake up in my parents’ house, but my dad had a nasty cold, so we came home on Christmas Eve. Andy refuses to turn on our fireplace, so we opened gifts in front of the crackling Yule Log to our unused real fireplace...

...and next to our dud tree -- the branches started falling within a week.

Best of all, December was speCRAFTular  this year. Many posts to follow.

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