Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{December Projects} Christmas Cards

I adored the store-bought Christmas cards that I sent last month. I’ve been collecting these Walter Erhard cards from sample sales for the last four years.


I finally collected enough to use them for my 2010 Christmas cards. Unfortunately, I didn’t have 100 of the same card. Picking what card to send each person was SO HARD. It finally came down to things like, "Janet's favorite color is blue and she lives in the city, I'll send her this one." or "Hmmmm, her son went to Iowa, I'll send her this gold and black one."

This card was my favorite:

Since I bought them at a sample sale, they didn't have envelopes. I ordered envelopes online (I forget where) and decorated them with red and green labels from you know where. Oddly enough, I received just as many compliments on the envelopes as I did the cards.

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