Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Living Room Facelift

This is what our living room has looked like since we moved in.

It's a mish-mash of old and new. The tall lamps are old Crate & Barrel lamps (circa approx. 2001), the couch is Hutton by Room & Board, the mirror is an old antique store find that I adore (I think circa approx. 1953. My mom and I paid $250. Can you believe that?), the coffee table is a Lane that Andy's grandma bought from a model home back in the day, and the end-table is an old hand-me-down that I lifted from my parents' basement when I was in college and never returned. 

We've since installed blinds in the living room.

And now it's time to infuse some life into the room. I've been considering wallpaper on the wall behind the couch, but, $40 in wallpaper samples later, I just can't find anything non-girly for Andy and I agree on. And I'm chickening out on wallpaper in general. Instead, I've decided to paint one wall of the living room brown. In my mind it looks like this:

(Source - pillows}

The lamps are the "capri bottle lamp" from Jonathan Adler, for which I am waiting to become available here.

The end tables were purchased on Craig's List a few weeks ago. They're just plain Danish/Mid-century Modern end tables, but they are in excellent shape. (Or they were until I nicked one as  I carried it out of the seller's house.) I'm in TX for work as I write this, so I couldn't include a photo.

I currently have orange throw pillows and the leftover throw pillows from our wedding, which look great.

Now I need some art for the other walls in the room.


Em and Laura said...

love that couch, very mcm mad men!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

That is a very rich paint color, I think it looks great.