Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Minute Placecards. Look...if you dare!

We held our annual Halloween dinner for our parents this week. I pondered and pondered what to do for place cards and couldn't come up with anything unique. Well, an hour before everyone arrived, I couldn't find the stash of last year's place cards. I rummaged through my craft closet and whipped these up with what I had laying around. I love them! (I have no idea why I cut out so many bats last year.)

My dinner table was kind of a fail. I mean, it got the job done, but, as always, I was cleaning until the moment that people walked in the door and didn't have time to plan. But, next year, I'm knocking it out of the park.

Tell you what, it's hard to find any orange, non-mum flowers up in this city in this season.

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