Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Friend's "Indoor Garden Party" Wedding/My Sewing Debut

My friends, Larry and Janet, were married yesterday morning. Janet planned a beautiful garden party reception at Carmichael's. (Sooooo delish, BTW.) She decided to move the party indoors, as Chicago had been expecting a big heat wave and thunderstorms this weekend.  Thankfully, the severe weather never arrived and her "indoor garden party" was still happy and summer-y.

I busted out my (somewhat) new sewing machine and took on my first big sewing project -- table runners, tablecloths, and cocktail table ties for Janet's reception. The bright, folksy patterns that Janet selected were perfect for Carmichael's Arts & Craft style. I love seeing people's visions come together. Congratulations to my sweet friends.

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brooke said...

Love the tables great job. The colors are bold and summery.