Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bachelorette Party Gifts

Making gag gifts for bachelorette parties is one of my all-time favorite party-related hobbies. And, if I say so, I kick total a*s at it. Past hits include:
  • Seasonal A*s Decorations: Paint stirrers with little wooden shapes attached for a friend whose husband would pose with things in his cheeks during his undergrad days. (I know, right?)
  • The "North Shore Bondage Kit for Discreet Lovers:" A box of preppy "toys" for a friend who was marrying someone who grew up on the affluent North Shore of Chicago, including the "'Tennis Anyone?' Ball Gag" with pearl embellishments and "Ribbon Belt" bondage set. (I am from the South Side of Chicago, so her husband and I always engage in playful banter re: being from the wrong vs. right side of the tracks.)

Unfortunately, in true Tina fashion, I am usually making these items as I walk out the door and don't have any  photos of them.

I recently made an alligator thong for a friend who's fiance has a very funny story about a family friend giving him one of these back in the day:

I made a girl version for my friend:

My favorite part might be the eyelashes:

Not too bad for not sewing since I was a Junior Girl Scout, huh? I packaged it with a pink bra from the Delta Burke Intimates line. But I am apparently the only person who thinks that it's funny that Delta Burke has a lingerie line, as no one else has seen the humor in that.

I also gave her a Liberty of London PJ set, but to fun it up, I covered the bag with some sorta naked pictures of her favorite baseball player and namesake of her new kitten. (These photos seriously came out like two days after she stood in our kitchen excitedly telling us about selecting the name for the new kitty she was picking up the next day.)

BTW, the only reason that I have photos of these gifts is that I am a week late in giving them to her. I was stuck at the ATL airport until almost 2 a.m. the night before her party and didn't get to finish making them. I will actually be pulling her aside and giving her these items at a baby shower this morning. I hope that no grandmas see them!

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you are a creative, creative girl!