Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things that Blow: THIEVES!

Andy and I happened upon a very unhappy discovery when we were carrying our Christmas tree down to the chipper on January 3, 2010:

Our Bikes Were Stolen!


Andy had seen them the day before, so it happened over night. And, even worse, I was pulling an all-nighter that night while I fought with our busted printer, (Another Thing that Blows: HP) so I was up while evil thieves lurked three floors below taking my stuff. And, of course, my bike was practically brand new! It had only been ridden maybe two dozen times.

Thievery angers me to no end. But the people that purchase the hot loot chap my hide even more. You are evil, evil people that encourage bad behavior. And I hope that you fall off of my bike or maybe get clothes-lined by some douche bag getting out of his car while talking on his cell phone. As for the thief:

I say we kill him!
I say we hang him, then we kill him!
I say we stomp him!
Then we tattoo him!
Then we hang him!
And THEN we kill him!

P.S. I hope that my new bike has a basket (and even more hopefully, this one! I kind of want it to buy it "just in case" so it will be ready for my new bike.).


{rachel♥jo} said...

That really sucks, gotta love Pee Wee though! You must buy that basket to deter future robbers - no one is going to be able to sleep at night knowing they stole such a cute bike!

merium said...

don't forget to 'pee' on the thief too! boo on them!

Linda said...

Boo! Theft sucks!
Adorable basket though.

Mel said...

Oh no! Sorry about the bikes. :(